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Clinically proven to help manage IBS symptoms in as early as 24 hours2

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IBgard product shot
IBgard product shot

SST® (Site-Specific Targeting)

SST® delivers microspheres of peppermint oil (in a solid state) predominantly in the small intestine, where it spreads out in a “broad brush” fashion for more distal delivery, i.e. delivery in the lower gut (small intestine) over a 3 to 4-hour period.1 17

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Triple-Coated, Sustained-Release Microspheres

Each IBgard® capsule contains individually triple-coated, sustained-release microspheres of peppermint oil (primary component: l-Menthol). When taken daily and proactively, IBgard® can minimize future flare-ups and provide daily gut-health support.

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Testimonials from Physicians and Consumers

Dr. Hellman

“(My Patients) are so happy I have introduced them to this product.”

Dr. Naus

“She had significant improvement in her daily symptoms...and she was able to function throughout the day.”

Dr. Arai

"I have several patients that have been dramatic success stories [after using IBgard]."

John G.

Since using IBgard® over the past six months under medical supervision, I am most happy to report that my IBS has calmed down significantly.

John G., Pennsylvania

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David T.

Raising two young children, having a successful marriage and a growing manufacturing business can be challenging for anyone.

David T., Texas

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Seth C.

Talking with my doctor, participating in regular exercise regimes and watching my diet is my way of controlling irritable bowel syndrome and continuing on with my life.

Seth C., Maryland

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