An award-winning chef, Craig leads an incredibly active lifestyle with a restaurant, catering business and cooking school and a strong commitment to bringing consumers fresh, local foods grown and raised in the best of conditions.

Craig’s story (based on an interview):

As founder of a well-established restaurant and cooking school in the Chesapeake Bay area, Craig prides himself on his retail, catering and cooking school developed from years of experience in the kitchens of four-star restaurants and managing corporate and private catering events. “My business offers consumers farm fresh eggs, pasture-raised chickens and turkeys, grass-fed beef and lamb, hydroponic greens, milk and dairy products, and prepared soups and baked goods. All items are from local farms, grown and raised in sustainable conditions,” Craig said.

“I am around people a large part of every day, by offering quality foods to eat at my restaurant or take home or to the office, organizing cooking classes, catering office or personal events, or enabling my customers to buy local, sustainable ingredients to use in their kitchens,” Craig said. “My diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome made my life incredibly uncomfortable and unpleasant. It was difficult to concentrate on my daily activities. As you can see, I have a lot to do, so I would try to manage my condition in the best way possible.”

Craig’s condition was diagnosed about two years ago. “I had consulted with several doctors, had the usual diagnostic and blood tests, and was prescribed some prescription medications,” he said. Over the months to come, he familiarized himself about the condition of irritable bowel syndrome, the latest media stories and research reports and took care of himself through diet, exercise and stress management techniques. Unfortunately, there is no cure for IBS and management options are limited.

He took an occasional prescription medication for abdominal flare-ups. Recently, his doctor recommended IBgard®, which he uses under medical supervision. “IBgard® seemed to have a calming effect on my gut. It proved to be a positive experience for me and helped maintain my quality of life during the infrequent episodes of abdominal pain and bloating,” he said. “It felt great to be normal again.”

Craig is always on the go. Several of his recipes are included in the highly regarded cookbook, Dishing Up Maryland, which is a tribute to many familiar Chesapeake Bay dishes as well as the Maryland farmers, watermen and chefs who work hard to bring consumers fresh, local and seasonal foods. His local restaurant is even among the top five restaurants in Annapolis, Maryland.

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