Raising two young children, having a successful marriage, and a growing manufacturing business can be challenging for anyone. Think about doing all that when you have irritable bowel syndrome.

David's story (based on an interview):

David was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and other gastrointestinal health conditions over 10 years ago. With the support of his wife, Carey, and his family, David says he is back on track enjoying a fulfilling -- and hectic lifestyle. “My first attack with irritable bowel syndrome came in 2004. The pain and bloating alone were unbearable and debilitating. I felt helpless because I knew I had to live with this condition and these symptoms for the rest of my life. I researched my condition thoroughly, talked to a number of specialists and explored a whole host of medications.”

David is always open to trying new treatment regimens, especially since he wants better control of the uncomfortable symptoms of abdominal pain and bloating that he has had for such a long time with irritable bowel syndrome. “I recently learned about IBgard® from a friend of mine and, under my doctor’s supervision, started taking several capsules a day. The result has been startling. IBgard® calmed my abdominal pain and discomfort, and I saw an almost immediate reduction in cramping and diarrhea with more regular stools. I definitely have a better quality of life.”

David says he feels like he has a new lease on life now and is better able to continue his active lifestyle, which has included a skiing adventure in Austria and camping activities with him.

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