A retired public relations executive, John maintains a fast-paced lifestyle with recreational activities, avid reading, attending concerts and, most of all, volunteering at the local food bank and local dog rescue organization and visiting schools and hospitals with his therapy dog.

John’s story (based on an interview):

For many years, John was an experienced public relations executive with a demanding job in promoting the company he worked for as a global leader in food, facilities management and uniforms to many different audiences. During his high-pressured days filled with long working hours, he would write press releases with a compelling news angle, edit articles for his company’s internal publication and annual report, talk with journalists about the company, and handle crisis situations, while juggling many other multi-faceted projects. “My job was high pressured and 24/7, always being available to counsel the company’s executives,” John said. “I struggled for years – even before my public relations job -- with my symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) – having an upset stomach, cramping, gas, even diarrhea. It was an annoyance.”

John read all he could about possible medical conditions that resembled his symptoms, made appointments with different doctors and specialists to diagnose his condition, and underwent the usual diagnostic and blood tests. “The doctors seemed to agree that I had IBS and said that the muscles and nerves in my bowel were extra-sensitive,” John said. “For nearly two decades, I’ve suffered with these painful and frustrating symptoms of IBS. At times, these symptoms made my life most uncomfortable.”

Over the years, he tried many different approaches to this condition. “I’ve been under the care of several gastrointestinal specialists who have recommended diet and lifestyle changes, stress management techniques, and even prescribed a variety of prescription medications, none of which have provided me with long-lasting relief. I also have tried numerous over-the-counter products and herbal preparations, but with limited success,” John said.

A friend of John’s recommended a new product, called IBgard®, so he talked to his doctor about it. “Since using IBgard® over the past six months under medical supervision, I am most happy to report that my IBS has calmed down significantly. The spasms and cramping have disappeared and my bowel functions are now regular. I've never experienced such wonderful relief from this nagging condition and I wholeheartedly would recommend IBgard® to anyone suffering from IBS,” he said.

John’s life today is still as busy as ever, but slightly different now that he is retired from his public relations career. “I have a busy life. My days are full of recreational and sporting activities, such as swimming and walking long distances, as well as reading and attending concerts and volunteering at my local food bank,” John said.

He continues to have incredible stamina and drive, and his focus is on another important job. He volunteers in his neighborhood dog rescue organization by walking five dogs each day and visits local schools and hospitals a few times a week with his therapy dog, Lily, a Golden Retriever. “I love dogs. They teach us about life and what’s important. They ask so little of us but they reward us with tons of affection and attention. I like the fact that I’m making children happy when I bring Lily into a classroom full of energetic children or when we visit local hospitals and people can forget about their medical condition for a brief time. Lily and I are always greeted with a smile and positive words,” John said.

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