Every day is a great day because Melissa is able to live an energetic lifestyle surrounded by family and friends, while also attending school and working – and taking some memorable vacations, too.

Melissa’s story (based on an interview):

Melissa is an active, young adult who has a busy lifestyle as a successful college student pursuing a degree in social work and a part-time job in an after-school care program for elementary students. She was diagnosed at the age of 12 with irritable bowel syndrome, a condition she remembers causing her severe abdominal aching, bloating and cramping and lots of embarrassment among her friends. “Some years ago, when my group of friends in high school wanted to go out to eat on the weekends, I, often times, would say I was busy to avoid the embarrassment of being in intense stomach pain , which seemed to occur at least once a week. And there was the time that I was on my first vacation, which was a cruise, and became sick with abdominal pain and cramping. My condition was incredibly overwhelming for me.”

“IBS, as a condition, is recognized by the general public more and more and there is a lot of research and promotion of different options, which is good to read about. My friends, too, are supportive and understanding when I need to take a break at school or work when flare-ups occur.”

“Today, my condition is managed by a prescription medication and, now, an additional product, called IBgard®, which I use frequently under my doctor’s supervision. I take IBgard® when I have weekly abdominal pain and bloating. It eases my symptoms so that I could easily go to work or sleep without being in discomfort or pain.”

Melissa exercises regularly by going on many bicycle rides around her neighborhood and taking family vacations with her parents and sister to Florida and other tropical places. “I try to stay as positive as I can because I have a great life, wonderful family and friends, and an amazing career – and life -- ahead of me.”

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