Seth has a lifetime ahead of him. Newly married and back from a vacation in Hawaii, Seth has a world of memories to create. For him, staying informed about the latest research and health options, talking with his doctor, participating in regular exercise regimes and watching his diet is his way of controlling irritable bowel syndrome and continuing on with life.

Seth’s story (based on an interview):

Seth has a positive outlook on life, which he believes is critically important to how he approaches his condition. Diagnosed five years ago with IBS, he experienced the typical symptoms of abdominal pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. “I tried many medication options, both prescription and over-the-counter, adjusted my diet by eating fruits and vegetables, and exercised regularly to get to a place that I am today. I am always looking for new research and different options.”

Seth studied applied nutrition in college, so, he pays extra attention to how he feels on a daily basis. “My wife, Marnina, and family are very supportive which is a great feeling. I am more attuned to my body and what works for me. Flare-ups of IBS symptoms are the worst days because there is more abdominal bloating, so I am always making improvements in my lifestyle and diet.” He exercises regularly which also helps a great deal, something he has always done during high school and college, participating in sporting activities.

As a nutritionist and former health coach, Seth puts a lot of emphasis on referencing evidence-based literature. He came across IBgard® recently when he was doing research on the properties of peppermint oil in the management of IBS. “Of all the medical foods on the market, peppermint oil has more evidence-based, scientific support. I actually enjoyed taking IBgard® because it calmed my angry gut. It was analogous to a lotion that coated my intestines.” As a patient outreach specialist in health care, Seth knows the importance of empirical evidence.

Seth won’t let anything stand in his way of having a great time. He enjoys life immensely and gets great pleasure of going up in a helicopter and hiking and zip lining.

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