Success Stories

John G.

Since using IBgard® over the past six months under medical supervision, I am most happy to report that my IBS has calmed down significantly.

John G., Pennsylvania

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Julie C.

After taking IBgard® on a regular basis for 2 to 3 times a day for several weeks, it changed my life for the better and gave me peace of mind.

Julie C., New York

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Seth C.

Talking with my doctor, participating in regular exercise regimes and watching my diet is my way of controlling irritable bowel syndrome and continuing on with my life.

Seth C., Maryland

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Melissa D.

Every day is a great day because I am able to live an energetic lifestyle surrounded by family and friends.

Melissa D., Illinois

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Craig S.

My diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome made my life incredibly uncomfortable and unpleasant. It was difficult to concentrate on my daily activities. IBgard ® seemed to have a calming effect on my gut. It felt great to be normal again.

Craig S., Maryland

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